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I've done many conversions on old .222 into 223.
Many wanted it when the 223 came out, and a lot of nice shooting .222 were somewhat ruined by the new cartridge.
The .222 I feel is a more accurate than the .223. but the 223 had more range and power.
It's the old discussion like between the 243 or 257 Roberts.
Anyways I was looking around and found that I had done some conversions on the Savage 340s. with no special notes about problems associated with the conversion.
Anyone who has cut chamber's or a good smith can do it.
It says here that I would charge between $45.00 to $60.00 for the job.
Now I would think its up to maybe $100 bucks to do thee job.
With a classic lee loader and a powder scale, reloading would be a fun time.
A light bullet is best for the twist I would shoot the 40 grain in mine.
50 grain was too heavy and I was using 335 and blue dot powders in the cartridge.
Should be a real fun project and a safe one, you maybe can get a replacement stock and set up a shooter.

Have a fun time with the project!

Failure is part of success!

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