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Thanks Sure Shot,

The paper had an article this morning that there was more than 600 left over tags that were sold in under 5 min.
I agree with the second season and the fur will be better then also.
The trappers are under much stricter regulations when setting Wolf sets. That will make it much more difficult when there can only be one set at a bait.
I see Wisconsin hunter have bagged 35 so far.
I will be very surprised if Mn takes over 100 animals in the entire season, but then this being the first I may be wrong.
The only way a reasonable number could possibly be taken is for any Deer hunter to sacrifice his/her tag to take a Wolf.
In fact 20+ years ago when the DNR was holding public meetings around the State we had one in my region at the local community college and it was standing room only. Anyone desiring to speak had to have made reservations to do so and I did. Before my name was called there were several others that said just what I was planning to say so I had to add lib, I stated that no matter what numbers the USDA or the MN DNR tell us we will never believe any of you and that WE Deer hunter if given the opertunity to sacrifice out buck tag, We will give you something to count! I got aa standing ovation for that.
Then another impressive thing happened that has me amazed to this day.
There was an old Tree Hugger there that had signed up to speak and he had no comment on the Wolf, his agenda was the MN DNR s policy's on harvesting the old growth white pines that he referred to as PaPa Trees. Well the officials there right away tried to shut him up because it being the wrong forum, but the hunters in attendance all banded together with the old Hugger and we all insisted they let him have his say. The staff wasn't happy loosing control like that!
I wasn't long after that I heard from an outgoing conservation officer that the USDA fish and wildlife used deception in the counts so that MN would over populate and the Wolf would then establish the numbers they wanted in Wisconsin and Mich, all at the expense of the residence of MN.
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