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As Sevens and Snuffy said, more information would help a lot and some effort to write more clearly would help.

Some general things:

Standard seating dies can produce a little bullet tilt, and the bulge that mirrors the bullet base on the side of the brass can be uneven as a result. The general cure is to use a Lyman M style expander that makes a little step you can set the bullet into so it stays upright. This assumes your equipment will accommodate a different brand expander die (some progressive arrangements will not).

Also, do you have a caliper? Measure the outside diameter of your finished rounds right at the case mouth. It should be between 0.467" and 0.473". If it is bigger, you probably are not crimping hard enough. Sometimes brass with overly thick neck walls (usually a foreign headstamp) or bullets that are too wide can affect this. Some guns are pickier than others and don't want over 0.470".

If you are using a bullet with anything but a round nose, some guns need the chamber mouth throated. Some kinds of round nose bullets are hemispherical rather than elliptical, like military ball, and may need to be seated even shorter than you expect. Anyway, say what the bullet is or post a photo and also post how long the bullet is.
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