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I started watching it but then had to give up. Yeah, there was a lot of [email protected], so-called secret locations, etc. but what made me reach for the remoter was the guy crying that this what he always wanted, etc. etc. He had tears running down his face!

Back about 1979 or so, a local TV station asked us if they could do a documetary on us. This was in North Florida. We were not a militia group. We were a group of survivalists. We said Nope! They tried to convince us that it would a good thing but we still said Nope.

A couple of months later, they finished their documentary and showed it on TV. They had gone up into Georgia and filmed a group there. That group also claimed to be surviavlists. They showed footage of their "bunker and supplies". Their bunker had water puddles all over it and was half full of trash. Their supplies consisted of beer and ammo. Their training was shooting the empty beer cans. That was it!

The documentary made them out to be total idiots, loosers, wannabe's, etc. and dangerous to society. They may have been but maybe they were only portrayed that way. That's my point. 1000 hours of film reduced to an hour. Pick and choose those "special moments". Maybe even stage a shot. "Hey hey! You guys should ask for passwords like the Army does", etc.

Anyway, it's just a thought. I don't believe three quarters of what I hear or see from media outlets, either good or bad. Keep yer powder dry, Mac.
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