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Over the last three days we've fired over 300 shells of varying age, brand and quality: from the cheapest of walmart bird loads to high quality high brass game loads and slugs....without a single hiccup (save for those two nasty old S&B 00). That was with a quick cleaning prior to the 300+ and no cleaning was done in between. A quick patch swab down the barrel, inside of the magazine tube and of the piston itself with CLP.

The young man I bough this from was a collage student that was a member of a private trap shooting team, and was wanting to step up to a "real" trap gun. It was VERY dirty on the inside and he said he had been shooting it since last year without (other than the barrel) cleaning it. I believe it's safe to say out of the sea of lemon 1400s...I've got a gem. No wear can be found on any of the internals.

The only part that needed attention was the cup that separates the magazine and piston springs. Some slight strain on the pins from recoil I'd wager. That has been since resolved. For this type of shotgun, I prefer plain. In truth I really wouldn't mind if it even had any checkering. I was expecting walnut, but it is most definitely birch. They will be getting replaced with some nicer grade walnut the next time the gun show rolls around. There is a guy there that has parts for any older shotguns you could imagine, including...a plethora of Winchester 1400 parts, stocks and barrels. Last time he had several very nice looking unfinished plain walnut stocks and forearms for the 1400.

Also the serial number places the manufacture date around '88

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