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talked to my wood guy & my machinist ( machinist will be drilling my angled holes for the pegs on my wall hanging units )... I'll be mocking up some from just left over pine boards & hardware store dowels, this weekend, to make sure my design is just right... I'm still thinking roughly 2 - 2" X 4" X 4' for the rifles, with 2 rows of dowel holes drilled 2" apart, & staggered ( 2nd row 1/2 way between the 1st row holes ) I think this will be versitile enough to hang a wide variety of long guns from, for a nice display... the hand guns I'm thinking the same dowel hole lay out, but on a 2" X 6" X 4' or if needed a 2" X 8" X 4'... I have enough scrap lumber laying around to mock up all 3 sizes & see what will work the best... once that's decided, my lumber guy has all the Hackberry lumber in stock ( matches my paneling boards )... he'll cut them in 4' lengths, run them through the planer / sander, & radius the 4 corners... then to my machinist, who will put the evenly spaced, slightly angled holes in the boards, then on to a 3rd guy, that will router a pattern ( not chosen yet ) around the front edges... then some finish, & I'll finally be able to hang my 1st guns... BTW... lumber guy will make up my dowels from the same Hackberry, they use a CNC machine, & I can get a nice tight slip fit dowel set up, so I can easily change them around as I need to...
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