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Welcome to the Forum!

Having shot a Hi-Point, I can say this: It's a gun. It beats harsh words or a pointy stick.

I would not want to carry one. There are better options.

I understand the tight budget thing- we've got 5 kids! If you want something bad enough, you can scrimp/save/pick up aluminum cans/sell plasma/garage sale/whatever.....

The best value for home defense is a youth model 20 guage pump shotgun- Remington's 870 Youth is about $320 at Dick's or Cabela's. The learning curve on a shotgun is easier than a handgun.

Have a look at used guns, if you can educate yourself on wha to look for....

That said, I think the best value in new handguns is the Ruger sR9c. They can be had for $400 OTD. If your "local outfiter" does not stock them, see if he'll do a transfer......

Whatever you choose, stick with 9mm, so you can afford to shoot your gun.

Also, handloading will allow you to shoot more for the same money.
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