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I have a Sig XO and a Remmy R1 enhanced. Both cost me less than 600 bucks. Both are more accurate than I'll ever be... also more reliable than I'll ever be.

...the only 1911 I had that wasn't reliable was... a Kimber (shocking right). Kimber also told me to keep feeding the stupid thing ammo because it wasn't broken in before shipping it to them. I keep laughing every time I go to a gun store and ask for a good 1911 and someone recommends me a Kimber. And the sad thing is that I'm not the only one, I have two friends with bad Kimbers.

I don't know what's the "best" 1911, to be honest. If it goes "bang" reliably, it's already very good, and if it's accurate at 15-20 yards, it's excellent. Maybe someone who is a match grade shooter can discern between a 2500 dollar piece of jewelry and a 600 buck brick, but I can't.

...but definitely +1 on Wilson and Chip Mccormick mags.

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