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Yes those are the same ones I have . I should add that I put my front sight on my gas block . I just did not want to recomend that to you . Im running my own test to see if the front sight will melt , deform , or just lose zero . I have not ran it very hard yet . The most I put through it was about 200 rounds in one range trip . I was not shooting at a very high rate of fire either .

There is one thing you must be aware of when buying your front sight . They make two basic sizes . One that goes on a gas block that sits lower then the rail on the reciever and one that sits on a gas block thats at the same plane or hight as the rail on your reciever . It apears by the link you gave showing your rifle that yours is on the same plane/hight .

sorry I thought that link I gave you was both front and rear sights . Here is a fixed sight that would work . I do recommend you get the flip up type but it is in no way a must .

Yea I get the money thing . I put alot of money in to my black rifle . Thats why I have the magpul sights and not the troy sights I want . I still need to get a muzzle brake and a nice red-dot as well . So yes I get it , no need to explain . Hell I've bought so much stuff while build and tinkering with my others . I almost have enough stuff to build another one . All I really need is a barrel and a upper but I told my self that I must finish the back one first before I start another .
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