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Left over Wolf tags GONE

I did not get drawn for the 1st ever Minnesota Wolf hunting season.
Today at 12 noon the left over tags for the 1st season went on sale. I applied for the late season and there will be a sale if any of those tags are not purchased but my cousin a few towns west of me called to insure i was aware of the sale. I was but then got interested in how long it would take, so i drove over to the only store in town with an ELS on site and there were 4 folks waiting on the clock to strike 12.
Well one was a trapper that wasn't drawn and he backed away when he learned that sale if necessary would happen after the deadline for those tags to be purchased.
One was a young feller that hadn't applied and wasn't eligible to buy.
then the other 2 got to buy a Wolf tag and were happy as can be.
One of them got on the phone with his son and learned that the son didn't get one as when he got done entering in all the info the sale was over.
I called my cousin and he got his as he was 1st in line even though he didn't know about the sale and stopped in 20 min prior to buy a light bulb and talking to the store manager learned of the sale.,
the next guy in line behind him got a tag, but the next one lost out. In less than 10 min. the sale was all over.
I have been looking for a number of left over tags were up for sale.
The state is selling like 7,000 tags for all seasons and a number of 600 was told but I do not know where that originated.
i will be in line for the next sale if there is one.
And my cousin forgot to buy the light bulb!
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