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1) You must be a mind reader. I'm glad you brought this up. Believe it or not, recently, since I've been having such a hard time choosing an optic, I had been thinking about iron sights. And, I had intended to buy a rifle with sights, it just didn't work out that way. I also am not familiar with which sights would work for my M&P. And, dang, the iron sights cost as much or more than some of the Optics!

2) I kinda like these that I saw on the link page, but, I think they are plastic. Are these the ones that you have?

3) I'm pretty sure a rear sight would need to be the fold down type, but the front might not have to fold. Example, the tall front sights, that I call a Pyramid, don't know the proper name, but they have the sight post in the top of them. Would this type work, and are they expensive also? Let me get one thing straight, I'm not cheap, it's just that I don't have a lot of money, and I spent all my money on the rifle. I think I forgot about buying sights! Maybe I should have bought a sling shot!? Don't laugh, it worked for David!
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