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I had one for awhile. It was truly excellent, functioned perfectly through the hundreds of rounds I shot with it. Very high quality in appearance and materials, particularly for a polymer gun. Not a top choice for concealment (I had the full size model, Beretta is making smaller ones now, I can't speak to them). Very comfortable recoil for a .40 caliber. Felt like I was shooting 9mm.

My problem was even with the small grip insert, I found the DA trigger pull too long and heavy, even with practice my first shot was just a bit to the right.

I am also not a fan of the Beretta decocker/safety, quite a reach and you have to keep pushing it up to take it off safety every time you decock. Makes practice a pain. I would get the decocker-only "G" model if you can.

If it fits your hand and you like the trigger, go for it.
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