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I came up with that PC load from 'Modern Reloading' 2nd ed. Pg.367.
Start grains of 41.0 and not exceed 45.4. With IMR4895.
I started light originally and worked up to 44gr. I've heard different things on line about PC. That's just where I wound up. Really never made a noticable difference in accuracy however. I have read thru many forums for info before I signed in here. Some of it has confused me a bit, but for the most part once I parse out all the info, I think I have a fair, but very green, understanding. I'm learning alot more now that I can ask specific questions. Thanx again to all.

I'll lessen the PC back to 41gr or so and let the barrel copper foul a bit. See what happens then. I was of the understanding that when a bore begins to foul it causes gauling of successive bullets after. Wouldn't that inherintly cause the bullet to be less stable due to surface roughness?

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