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Humans invented kennels for a reason. Use them. And if you can't be without your freakin' "Sex in the City" episode for a week, stay home.
You are funny, Doof! What in the world is the matter with you? You took bikes for elk hunting??? Geez, if you can't leave the bike at home for a week, stay home!!!!

Just because other people don't do things your way doesn't mean that they are wrong or that they should stay home anymore than me suggesting you shouldn't take a bike elk hunting isn't right and you should stay home.

Not everyone camps the same way. Me, I like to camp at Motel 6...if I am going to be at a facility open to the public.

Here is what you do. If you can't deal with the general public, you can either stay home or buy your own place. If you buy your own land and then you get to make the rules. It really is that simple of a concept, maybe difficult to implement, but a simple concept. Otherwise, you get to be with the general population and they may not like you either.
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