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basically, you an call any friendly, on-the-ball LEO agency of any type within the state. This is probably as easy as calling the local County Sheriff's Office. Originally, it had to be your agency(or there was at least major confusion about this). Now if you have an off-the-ball agency or any issues, it is as easy as just searching until you find one that is proactive about LEOSA and its retired LEO's.

I even think some difficult states have dropped making you shoot with your carry piece or being limited in this fashion. I am not pisitive about this though.

Aguila Blanca, I am with you(if I have this correct), I truly believe National CCW is the way to go. One of these days we might get a heavy-hitter President who does this. The senate is usually gun-friendly.

It took decades for LEOSA to make it. My uncle is a retired state trooper from NY(25yrs...was a detective featured on "Cold Case Files"). He was a veteran of Iwo Jima(still alive today late 80's). His entire career he couldn't exercise this right living in NY near NJ.
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