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I strongly recomend you put back up iron sights on it . When you buy the lower end red-dot they tend not to have an auto off . I went to the range once and when I turned my scope on ," NOTHING ".I had left it on oops. Thats why I bought all those batteries . I now carry 2 in my gun bag and 1 in the grip .If that happens to you . you don't shoot that day . How about this scenario , your out hunting and you drop the gun or bang it on a tree . you check the dot it's still there so no problem , but when you take a shot your 2 feet off cus it lost zero from the impact . For me I just pop up my sights and take another shot and get my trophy . You , well your bumed cus you can't take a follow up shot . Now you have to resight in your rifle with the limited ammo you brought Making all that noise scaring everything away for a mile .

Should I go on LOL But really if its just a range gun and you keep some batteries with you , you should be good . I have the Magpul flip up sights on mine and they work well . Unfortunately you would not be able to use them cus there plastic and your front sight mounts to your gas block . the gas block gets very hot and could melt the sight .

These are the best price I could find with a quick search that can be mounted to a gas block .
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