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Sorry to hear there's a thief in your hunting area lon371. A little tip: I had trouble with break'ins off and on at my cabin and deer stands for about 5 yrs running. Took whatever they could. Whenever they wanted it seemed at the time. (guns, chainsaws (2), stand heaters, even our cabins cook wear among other items) Took a memory card out of a trail camera one afternoon after noticing one my stand doors pried open for a second time. Watched it on my lap top. Called the local sheriff. He watched it. Father & 18 yr. old son busted and both received jail time. Apparently irrefutable evidence helped in the judges discipline decision this time around. My advice. If you decide to build another nice elevated deer stand turn a trail camera to face it upon leaving for long term. You may be surprised at the non-game checking it out upon your return._

Again sorry OP for my negligence to stay on subject. Appreciate your patience Sir.
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