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So serious guys.

They do have a features to mute them.

I work in very remote locations and texting is often the most reliable way to communicate. Calls won't go through but texts will.

I'm out hunting often, as I'm sure many of you are, but sometimes there's a little to much time. Until I get older, I always hear the animals activity long before the need to see it.

I see the desire to leave it all behind if you planned a vacation around a hunting trip. So, I guess it depends on what style of hunting you do.
I sometimes hunt without leaving my pickup truck, just parked in the pasture. Most times it's an hour before I get out of the truck. Most of us average joes got "nature" running around in the attic.

My hunting is really just a chore at times that I gotta drag myself outta the house to do. I still love it, but I don't get bent out of shape if the wife calls or I get a text. My ringer is a pig squealing if I forget to turn the ringer off. I check and write emails while hunting also.
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