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I generally go out of my way to go around Chicago and C(r)ook county, but I find this very interesting:

People v. Holmes, Ill. Supreme Court, Docket # 109130, Opinion filed 4/7/11.

The defendant owner/driver of a motor vehicle, an Indiana resident who had been issued a carry license by his home state, was stopped by Chicago police officers for a traffic violation. Pursuant to a search, a 9 mm handgun was recovered from a backseat armrest of the car. The Court noted that “[t]he armrest separated the two back seats and contained a storage compartment that closed with a latch. The compartment could be folded up into the seat or left in a down position.
My car has just such a compartment. It is there for the mandatory (in Germany) Medical kit.

Now the question: Why did the cops seach his car at a a traffic stop?
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