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I'm currently issued a Glock 23. I work plainclothes and its a good weapon. In a perfect world I'd carry a Glock 30, but I was shot down.

I was previously issued a SW 6906, a Glock 22, and a SW model 19. Glock 22 and SW 19 were great. We blew up all the 6906's and that was later diagnosed as using way too much hot ammo combined with inproper maitenance.

As a side note, just a few years ago during our 6906 crisis we had an department policy requiring that whatever weapon we carried had a safety lever that was to be engaged when the weapon was in the holster. I would complain about this as my giant hands combined with a very small 6906 meant I had to break my firing grip to disengage the safety. I was offered the choice to switch to a revolver if I purchased one. This was put out there to dissuade me but I was more than ready to buy a 686+ with my own money and carry it. We went to Glock 23's instead.
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