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I have to agree that everyone has a right to be outdoors, but I completely understand the frustration too.
We do a fair amount of trail riding in state forest lands/parks. The horsemans camps are all primitive with no running water or electricity. We sleep in the unfinished front tack room of a gooseneck horsetrailer, haul in our own water, and make all of our meals over the fire. Other than it getting pretty cold on some nights, I think thats about as good as it gets.
It puts a real damper on things to have to listen to a generator cackling. Trucks left running cross the way with headlights pointed into your campsite blinding you are no fun either, and not being able to hear each other talk because your nighbors are drunk and singing along to the radio pretty much ****** me off. I can't just go farther into the woods, because we are required to stay in the designated camping area. And I can't do much about my neighbors when they move in after I've already registered for a site and set up camp.
I don't think its as much an issue of "how you have to behave in the woods" as its an issue of acting decent in public. I wouldn't leave my headlights pointed into my nieghbors bedroom window when I'm at home, and I don't make a habit of playing music so loud it rattles their windows either. When I'm camping, I do my best to have my fun without ruining everyone elses and it would be nice if others did the same.
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