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Tennessee Gun Club - Handgun Giveaway

To be given away on TGC before Christmas 2012. Open to any and all.
(By permission) You do not have to be a Tennessee resident to join or enter the giveaway.

First Prize - Kel Tec 32,LNIB with 2 mags and a Holster

Second Prize – Ammo, To Be Determined ("The ammo will be based on what the winner wants and what I have on hand. I have most calibers on hand. One - two boxes based on the caliber and or type." That is a direct quote from Jeff.)

Basic Eligibility:
You must be a current member or join TGC before the official number of members posted at the bottom of the front page reaches 1000 members. (865 as of Oct 18, 2012)

The contest will run from October 22, 2012 until one week after we reach 1000 members or December 22, 2012, whichever occurs first.

Link to join TGC Tennessee Gun Club:

Rules and How to enter the contest:

You must indicate that you are entering the contest by making a post in this thread.
Include in your post the experience points you have at the time of your entry. (Putting your points in your post is for your information so you can keep track of any increase in your experience points.)

Please restrict this thread to contest entry posts only so we can better keep up with who has entered. (Use the old thread for any contest questions or discussion: New Giveaway/ Karma coming soon )

You must make at least one more post in any forum except the Junk and Testing forum before the contest ends. Please make the post more than the two or three word “hey, I agree” type.
You can increase your chances of staying in the contest and winning the first prize by increasing your TGC experience points. There are many ways to increase your experience points all of which are shown at this link: Earn Experience Points on TGC (More info below.)
That’s all there is to it.

If you are not a Tennessee resident You will need to have a FFL that will accept a gun shipment from a non FFL and you will need to pay the actual shipping cost.

How winners will be determined:

1. At the end of the contest, the experience points of each entrant will be compared with their experience points at the beginning of the contest.

2. The drawing for the first prize will only include those entrants who have earned the largest INCREASE in experience points since the contest start. Only the top 40 points earners during the contest will be eligible for the first prize drawing.

3. The drawing for the second prize will include everyone (except the first prize winner) who enters the contest and makes at least one additional post.

4. At the close of the contest, the judges will assign each eligible entrant a random number between 000 and 999. will be used to generate these numbers. The assigned random numbers will be posted here online and the date for the drawings will be announced.

5. The first prize winner will be determined by the assigned entrant number that is closest to the Tennessee Lottery Cash Three Mid-Day drawing on the announced date.

6. The second prize winner will be determined by the assigned entrant number that is closet to Tennessee Lottery Cash Three Evening drawing on the same date as the first prize drawing.

7. Winners have 7 days to claim their prizes by sending their contact information by PM to JeffsSig or 45acp at TGC

For more info and disclaimers please see this post at TGC:

I will reserve the right to edit or add to this post if any need arises.
Link to join TGC Tennessee Gun Club:

Good luck and please free to PM me with any questions

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