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Nice stands. I went down today to check mine out and to see what needed done tree trimming wise I was met with a little suprise. My 4'x8' platform that was 12' up a tree is GONE!!. It was a platform on 4x4 stilts tucked in between 2 trees. It had 2' walls for gun rest. Set on a creek bank overlooking a field. I have had it there for going on 10 years. But it appears someone not only knocked it down but removed all the wood.

I had it on a small field, a local farmer lets me hunt. Kind of figured it would happen someday. It is in some bottom lands a lot of people sneak in and hunt on when I am not there. I have ran off a few. I figure it was one of them.

Since I have no kids hunting with me now days, I guess I will build a smaller one to replace it. Figuring a 4x4 platform is big enough for me. Plus this one I will concrete the post in. Anyways thanks for sharing your hideouts. And be safe out there.

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