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questions on my garand's barrel?

Well I have had my new to me garand for about 3 months now and have shot around 150 rounds out of it so far with pretty good accuracy so far for me that is and since I'm trying out new handloads for it. But the other night i noticed that looking down my barrel from the muzzle end while cleaning if I shine a light down it for as long as I can actually see the lands I notice orange streaks smeared on all of the lands. I'm guessing its copper fowling, so I use my copper cleaner and scrub a lot liking to have my guns clean. I've done this several times and have noticed no change in the orange smears.

So I'm wondering what is going on, do I have really crappy copper remover its Mpro7 brand or have I just not scrubbed hard enough. Or is it not even copper fouling any ideas? I'm debating whether to leave it alone since my accuracy is still acceptable but that just sort of bothers me at the same time. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks guys.
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