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The CM9 is an excellent pistol in my experience. I picked mine up brand-new on sale for $327 out-the-door. It's some of the best gun money I've ever spent. I considered a Walther PPS for a long time (and still would like to pick one up one day), but for that price, the CM9 was a no-brainer.

It's been 100% reliable out-of-the-box with no break-in period needed. The CM9 is also a surprisingly soft shooter for such a small package. I can detect no discernable difference in felt recoil between the CM9 and my father's MK9 (which is the same basic design with a steel frame). It's also surprisingly well-finished (inside and out) for such an inexpensive firearm.

Also, I've found the Kahr recommendation to use the slide release to reload the gun to be a non-issue. I've never had mine fail to feed when sling-shotting. Even if it that weren't the case, would not find the slide release requirement to be a big issue. If you are carrying a pistol as small as the CM9, you are probably not carrying a bunch of extra mags for speed reloads anyway. It's not a fighting pistol - it's a last-ditch defensive weapon to get you out of trouble.

The one big strike I have against the CM9 (and this actually applies to the PM9 and MK9 as well) is the terrible quality of the 7-round magazines. The plastic baseplate is incredibly flimsy, and I've had one explode on me when loading in the gun (and I don't slap in magazines). Stick to the excellent little 6-rounders.

if you like the CM9,youll love the PM9......
I wouldn't love dropping an extra $300 for what is basically the same gun!
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