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.308 Carbine suggestions?

Its time to add a all-purpose semi-auto rifle to my collection.
I'm looking for a 16-17" carbine .308 of decent quality at minimal expense (think Glock/CZ persona).
Ideally it would have a accessory rail and able to mount a scope on top and a Burris FastFire at 45 degrees or on on the side for short range.

Basically I'm looking for something like the SA M1A, a AR-10 without the handle or maybe a Remington 750.

By all-purpose I mean capable of deer hunting, defense, bear defense, hogs, rapid fire up close and reasonably good accuracy out to a couple hundred yards or so.

I really dont know much about rifles, I mostly need a shopping list of well known decent quality items that are a good value... Suggestions?
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