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Chicago - protects the crooks

Chicago and it's sister city Evanston have, IMO, ridiculous gun control laws. Right now only the criminals are protected as they know that most law abiding citizens aren't packing. Our son has been an avid "anti-gun nut" all of his life, thanks to my wife's dislike of firearms. He and his fiance live in a nice part of Evanston, IL, but a couple of months ago a Mexican gang moved into a new "territory" only some 3 blocks from where they live. Guess who became a convert to "personal protection"??? Yup, our son! My wife is still in Unfortunately, even to get a permit to buy a pistol to be legal takes 8-10 weeks. How about calling the cops? It takes them anywhere from "20 minutes to never" to answer a call - that is assuming that one has the time to make that all-important call. By that time a gang could have cleaned out a house and shot whomever they pleased. Fortunately my wife and I live in Texas. By the way - did I mention that since we passed the concealed weapon law down here that car jackings, home invasions, etc. have decreased Perhaps Cook County residents should look into what is happening elsewhere (and not NY City) and smarten up.
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