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Zev-Tech V4 connector and Trigger Spring

I went shooting Sunday to do a long test of the Zev-Tech V4 connector I installed on my Glock 19.
I had previously put in a Zev-Tech trigger spring (6#) with the stock Glock connector.
If you want to just hear about the results, skip the next paragraph where I explain why I changed the stock trigger in the first place.

I have had my G19 for three years, it is a gen 3 and I bought it used but unfired. It was several years old and part of collection a guy sold to a local gun store. I shot it stock for quite a while and then I added a NY1 spring to make it a little more “revolver like”. I had also added a SiderLock trigger safety due to a change in the way I carried it, I had to take it on and off several times a day and was using a clipdraw and thought I needed the extra safety factor. I now use it with a Remora holster that covers the trigger, but left the Siderlock on, as I like its feel better than the stock grooved trigger. I shot it that way for a while and liked it, but my wife and daughters had a hard time with it and its heavier trigger pull. I replaced the NY1 spring with a Zev-Tech six pound spring (I lost the original and thought I would give it a try). After shooting it I really liked the feel of it and the wife and kids shot it much better. So I decided to try the V4 connector from the same company. There is a full spring kit for it, but I did not want to change the striker spring or firing pin safety spring, as it is still a carry gun.

I shot a couple hundred rounds with the new spring and connector set up. It was a mix of UMC, PMC, Winchester White box, and Speer. All functioned perfectly with no problems. I have only had 1 failure with this gun in thousands of rounds of shooting, it was a WWB that was about 1MM to long that failed to chamber.
The new trigger is great. I do not have a trigger pull gauge but it feels like about 3.5 – 4 ponds. The pull is very smooth and the break is not mushy at all. The reset is lighter than with a NY1 spring but still has a positive click. I had no trouble with the reset in rapid fire and could “ride “the reset just as well as with the previous set up. If you squeeze the trigger slowly, it still has a slight set point allowing you to stage the trigger, but in a normal straight pull, it is just a smooth pull and crisp release.
I found no downside to it in testing it out. All of the Glock safety’s still work the same, just a much smoother lighter trigger. I have done some polishing to the trigger bar but left the striker and the part of the trigger bar that engages it alone.

Where the change was most evident was at longer ranges, at 25 yards drawing and firing, I had no trouble keeping all rounds inside the 9 ring on a standard B27 silhouette target.
I am definitely keeping this set up. It installed with no problems and functions 100%
I know some people will never mess with the trigger pull on a carry weapon, but I have no trouble making a gun easier to shoot if it does not affect its safety.
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