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My SPS seems to prefer Varget, but it also shot well with RL-15, 4064, 4895. I added a B&C Medalist A3 stock and it helped reduce the group size considerably, but it would shoot sub MOA with the factory stock if I was doing my part. The 168 Sierra Match Kings seem to shoot best, but 175 SMK's do well as well as the 155 Palma's. Mine also likes the COAL out to 2.820. Seems the Hornady 168's and 155's do not shoot quite as well in my rifle, but there is only a slight difference. Just picked up a box of Nosler 168's to try, but haven't loaded any of them yet. A few of my friends also picked up an SPS in .308, and they all have shot very well out of the box. Your's should be no exception. Just play around with load variations until you find out what works in your rifle and I bet you will be easily under 1 MOA. Hope this helps.
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