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Well, I have the 9mm full size and I really like it. Very good quality, and no issues at all in ammo. It takes everything I throw at it - except for when one of the primers was upside down! As a new reloader that was totally my fault. That one did not eject, but because is so easy to take down, I threw out the slide and got it out on the range.
Great gun.

Concealability might be a little big, as it does have some heft to it for being polymer.

The one thing is that the ami safety on mine does stick out a little. I wanted it, but I may switch to a lower profile on them. I can order through Baretta. With the fairly long DA, I don't think the safety is that crucial, but as I have kids around it is just another method of safety and I do like how it works in that the trigger has no resistance when safety is on so you know even in the dark.
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