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Well I certainly appreciate all the helpful info. Lookin like I got my work cut out for me from here on out.
Did try placing the bullet on the lands and there was really no difference. I'll back off the PC and see what that does. I've also got a 100 155gr A-MAX bullets coming soon. I figure it liked the factory 150's I got from meijers right. It hated the 180's I got one time. All over the place.
So I'll start there along with checking the rifle for anything loose or out of ordinary things. I do anyway before I shoot, but I'll double duty check it next time.

I was under the impression that the first cold/clean/dry bore shot is really the most important, being that's what it will be on the first shot of a hunt. ? Made sense when it was suggested.

Thanx again ALL! I'll let ya know what happens next time. Stay safe, aim and squeeze!
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