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I think a gas operated semi-auto is certainly a very good option ....but a .410 ????

....( my .410 O/U giggles at me, when I load it into a case...." its says, yeah who are you fooling, you're no real shooter, you can't handle this .410 with your fragile ego - you suck " ....and then when I actually take it out to the Skeet field ...the giggling gets even worse...)....last time, I threated to tie it to my bumper with a chain and drag it thru the gravel parking lot to teach it a lesson ....darn thing, still wouldn't quit laughing....

But seriously, --- I have a completely rebuilt shoulder / and only half a bicep (all on my shooting shoulder ) ...elbow surgery ...arthritis in my hand and writst..../ and for a light gun, with almost no recoil, a 28ga O/U fits my needs really well ...when my arm, shoulder, hands hurt. 3/4 oz loads at 1200 a really soft shooting shell in an 8 lb O/U ..

....and while they aren't common, Remington and others do make a few Semi-autos in 28ga as well ...( they're pretty highly sought after on the used market ) in 1100's or 11-87's ....but the 28ga patterns really well ...and is a really good alternative. But these days its easy to download a 20ga to 3/4oz as well ...and effectively have the same thing.

So I think you have a lot of options - especially if you want to reload 20ga..

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