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I have 2 browning Buckmark Bullseye - very good pistols.
Different but just as good as the Rugers.
I had 3 MKIIs, gave one out as a gift. So, 2 left.
I might be adding a 22/45 or a SR22 soon -- 22/45 if GF likes it more than SR22.
Buck Issues:
1. Sight rail screws keep loosening. Sometimes, the barrel screw backs out, too. Locktite will keep the screws from backing out but I think it caused the screw head of the rear screw to break off on one of the my pistols. Browning fixed it for free. Otherwise, it would have been a real pain.
2. Loose ejector wire. It has been wobbly for a while but has not caused any problems.
Ruger MKII -- Trigger may need work out-of-the-box. 1 MKII had loose frame/upper receiver fit after many thousand rounds. Easily fixed with a C clamp.
If I were to get a 22 now (for me), 22/45 with wood grip panels or MKIII with a 5-5.5 barrel and adjustable rear sight.
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