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45Gunner, sounds like your concerns were basically the same as mine. It seems like your solution would work well when you are out just for a ride. When the time of the year allows it, and I don't need more (i.e. no passengers or lots of junk to transport), I like to use my motorcycle as transportation as well as recreation. What do you do when you are using the bike to get somewhere and you get to your destination? It seems similar in concept to a shoulder holster, why did you choose this over a shoulder rig?
Actually, I tried a shoulder rig. It didn't work for me on several levels. First, when wearing a leather jacket, it just wasn't comfortable to have the gun/holster and the extra mags digging into my sides. For those not in the know, riding a cycle is not like sitting in a car. You body is constantly in motion as is your hands, arms, feet, and legs. Perhaps if I had had an over-sized jacket it might have made a difference but then again the bigger jacket would also be cumbersome when riding. I found that the helicopter pilot holster kept my firearm tucked in close to my chest and didn't move around.
I could keep my extra mags either in the bags or on my belt. I kept a belt holster in my bags so when I wanted to get off the bike and walk around or go to a restaurant, I simply took the belt holster into a bathroom stall, changed from one holster to the other and took my shirt out of my pants to conceal the firearm.

As far as considerations if one were to hit the pavement while riding in this configuration; you are going to be pretty sore most everywhere on your body after going down at any speed in excess of 35 MPH. One more bruise, in the overall scheme of things is not going to make much of a difference and the leather holster and jacket is going to protect your firearm. Biggest problem on hitting the pavement is having your jeans "burn away" as you slide and the road rash is probably the most painful thing you can experience if the "crash" is not that serious. If a car hits you or vice versa, its not going to make much of a difference what you are wearing.

My wife and I were hit by a car 11 years ago. I saw him coming and tried to get out his way. It was like he was aiming for me. I was able to maneuver to prevent from being T-boned but he did catch the very back of my bike. Both of us were on the pavement in an instant. My wife didn't see it coming and when she hit the ground, she slid into a curbstone and broke and dislocated her shoulder. I slid and was able to avoid the curbstone but did suffer some pretty severe road rash. We were taken to a local hospital by fire dept. emt's
and while in there, a police officer came to visit me. First thing he said is they ran the investigation and found I violated no laws. The other driver ran and I was told they did not have the manpower to look for him as there was not a death in the accident. And lastly, he wanted me to call someone to take my gun as it was against hospital policy to have a firearm in the hospital.
By the way, my gun was never scratched. Our helmets saved our lives as we hit the road pretty hard.
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