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What do you consider a good grouping at 25yrds?

A while back I managed to make it out to my local range and rented an L1A1 FAL.

It was the first time I've ever held let alone fired the rifle, the thing kicked like and mule and roared like a drunk viking but was relatively easy to handle for the most part. The biggest issue I had was from muscle fatigue, admittedly I've not shot off hand a whole lot, and I found myself towards the end of my shooting session starting to wobble as I struggled with the length and weight of the rifle.

The following picture is of the target I was shooting at. I was at an indoor range with the maximum distance being 25yrds. I'm not the greatest shot, not in the slightest, and I was shooting with open sights.

Feedback and opinions would be appreciated. Over all I think I did pretty well considering I don't fire many medium caliber rifles (Usually stick with .223 and below to avoid developing bad habits at this stage)

Here is the rifle I was shooting
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