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kahr p380 frame

I have a Kahr p380 with approximately 400 rounds through it. while cleaning it the other day, I noticed the polymer frame looked a bit damaged. slightly beat up where the slide meets the frame. I assumed that I put the slide on incorrectly or used to much force to put it back on the frame. I called Kahr, and they said this is perfectly normal, and the metal slide will always win the battle against the polymer frame. They even said this will "wear the gun in" and make it more reliable and accurate over time. I have had about 8-10 FTF's and maybe 4-5 cycling malfuntions. I have 4 semiautos, and I believe this is the nature of the beast. every one has had some malfunctions. I just ordered a Glock G26 and I'm hopeful this will be the first to feed flawlessly. will let you know.
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