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Not a huge thing but figured I would throw my comment in the bunch. First of all I got into reloading cheap and got lee. I have had to call and email a couple of times for customer service and it has been hit and miss rather or not it is a good experience.

However prior to that I did call rcbs to ask some questions and until I figured out they were mostly made in china, with exception to some of thier products as even the person I had talked with on the phone told me, I bring this up to say that I bought a set of USED 30-06 dies from a different forum and they showed up with some surface rust and no instruction sheet. I called to ask how I could get the small book that came originally with them just to make it easier to keep up with, to which the lady asked politlely for my name and address and 3 days later I recieved a new copy of the instruction manual, honestly I expected to get something looking as if I printed it off the website. She also said if the rust kept the dies from working properly to call back and she would have me send them in for a cleaning or repair or replacement. As she didnt think they should rust from sitting.

She was polite and very helpful so I cannot see them not being willing to help and answer a email.
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