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So did anyone else notice that Eric Holder told Congress one story under oath in May of last year, but told the Inspector General a different story?

He told Congress that he probably learned of Fast and Furious from media reports a few weeks earlier, meaning some time in April, presumably.

Attorney General Holder told the OIG that he did not learn of the link between the firearms recovered at the Terry murder scene and Operation Fast and Furious until 2011. Holder stated that he probably learned about the link in February 2011, after he received Senator Grassley’s January 27 and 31, 2011, letters and first learned of Operation Fast and Furious.
At the time Holder testified before Congress and for months afterward, the DOJ was still standing by their initial response that the ATF did not allow illegal sales and then let the guns walk. If he admitted that he asked his own people what happened, it would lead to the question, "Did they tell you about the gunwalking?" So he pretended that no one was talking about such unimportant matters way back in February and he had only recently caught wind of it in the media.
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