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I wasn't implying that volley fire was an economy measure, only that it was a practice from the same period as both single-shot rifles and magazine cut-offs on repeaters. It was mainly for long-range use, I believe.

The idea of wasting ammunition had not died out entirely by the beginning of WWII, only by then it was more in the nature of a reluctance in several armies to adopt submachine guns. There was just as much change in infantry weapons around 1940 as there was around 1900. As regards submachine guns, it was mainly battlefield experience that changed the general's (what the privates thought didn't matter) opinions of submachine guns. The Soviets in particular went in for them big time. But mostly the idea of wasting ammuntion was something from an earlier period, which it had not been confined to small arms either.

In wartime, everything is in short supply, and getting it to the front line soldier was the critical link, especially for overseas operations. Very likely the German navy destroyed as many US tanks as the German army.
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