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Hey, Justice06RR, below is a quote of yours from this thread located on Page 2.
A) Since my rifle came w/o sights, I should not need a riser for this scope to fit my M&P, is that correct?

B) And, out of curiosity, I've been seeing "Co-witness with your iron sights". To be sure I'm understanding this term would you or somebody fully explain for me.

C) I don't believe this Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 comes with flip up dust covers does it?

D) Is it parallax free?

Justice06RR said: Burris Trophy 1x Red dot : $85shipped from Amazon but you will need to buy the extra riser to effectively use backup iron sights. If you want a non-magnification optic this is the way to go. Affordable and funtional. My roomate has it and you can Co-witness with your iron sights.
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