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I own a SA Range Officer. I don't think it's an awful choice for you. But there are a few things to consider. This gun comes with target sights. I do not mind these sights, but they do rule the gun out as a ccw for me. Also I would not prefer these types of sights for home defense. I prefer to have night sights, and a rail for mounting a light. The Range Officer has no rail.

The gun has ran just about flawless for me though. I say just about because I did have a situation once, where the extractor would not grab the brass rim of the cartridge when loading. This was fixed with a quick cleaning. This is not a big deal if you stay on top of cleaning it. But I will say that something like a Glock would be much more forgiving in this area.

The weight of the gun makes it a light shooter. And the trigger is just awesome. At the range the target sights can really come in handy. I see no reason why anyone couldn't become a good shooter with this one. I never plan on getting rid of mine, and I will never regret buying it.
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