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I found the instructions on Lees website. They basically say to file sand the risers. I just finished doing this and it seems to have worked. Its clear that the space between the bottom of the hopper and the disc is now tighter. It was fast and simple. I went about it a different way. I'll describe what I did now so others can read it andpass it on. The instructions say to use scotch tape but I didn't feel it necessary. I simply removed the hopper via the 2 screws . I placed a piece of 150 grit sand paper on a hard, flat surface . Turn the aluminum portion of the unit upside-down on to the sandpaper and rub it on the sand paper keeping it even and flat. This evenly files down both risers. The risers are the only parts in contact with the sandpaper (with the screw holes in them). I only sanded for very short intervals and tested it by replacing the hopper and pushing (sliding) the disc by hand. It took 2 tries and very little sanding to get the clearance between the bottom of the hopper and the top surface of the disc, nice and tight, but still able to slide. I dont have the pro version ether. Thanks for the help.

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