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Uberti 1858 -vs- Ruger Old Army Questions

Does any have or had both so a valid comparison can be made ? I drug my feet when I should have bought a ROA, and now the fixed sight ones are outrageously expensive IF you can find one.

I have been considering the Uberti 1858, either in the conversion model, or getting a percussion one and the conversion cylinder separately.

I am more leaning towards the factory conversion model, unless someone on the forum can give a good reason for starting with the percussion version.

I just want one to go along with my Sharps rifles for fun. A ROA conversion or the 1858 conversion in 45 LC and load with BP would be a blast (pun intended) to shoot along with my 45-110.

I might sell one of my 9mm's to fund the project, and on the other hand maybe not. BUT getting one of the pistols (ROA or Uberti) disassembling it and sending the frame to get a bone and charcoal case coloring along with some stag grips well...........

There is always the possibility of getting an adjustable sight version and milling up a fixed sight filler and tuning that to the load also (ROA).
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