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I disagree with the assertion that buckshot patterns tighter with a less restrictive choke. Now I am talking about basic, no-frills, cheap Remington, Federal, Winchester #4, #1, and 00 buck. I've never used the Flight Control ammo. I've patterned all three of my shotguns, using various chokes on each and trying all three sizes of buckshot in each. Without exception, I clearly get the tightest patterns with full choke. That's my experience, but I'd think that with my "sample of three" shotguns, it would hold water.

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That is why you have to try it in your own gun. My H&R 10 gauge shooting 00 buckshot out of a full choke leaves a hole in the center of the pattern big enough for a large raccoon to walk through unharmed at just 25 yards. Out of my Mossberg 9200 with a full choke it isn't tight but reasonable and at 35 yards will put most shot into a man sized target. My H&R is typical of most my guns and my Mossberg is atypical.
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