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I have the Walnut checkered Beretta grips w/medallions as sold on their website and had them on my pistol for four years. They are thicker than I like, look fantastic though. I used to joke to friends that it makes my 92fs feel like I'm holding the wrong end of a baseball bat

After a few years went by, I was at a gunshop and handled a NIB 92 with factory plastic and it felt so much better (night and day better). So here I am.

Six years ago I went thru this with my Sig 226 to no avail.

These VZ grips are very nice. Although not wood, they do have an eligant quality to them. The 92FS is a very tactical looking pistol IMO so they look very good on it. I actually like the factory plastic on a black 92FS. They just look wrong on an INOX/stainless.

The Esmerelda grips sure are nice, but that would be alot of cash to gamble with if it arrives and I don't like the feel.
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