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Originally Posted by PawPaw
What's the twist of that barrel? I've got the standard 9.25 twist on my .243 and at 100 yards I'm starting to see keyholing on the 105 A-Max. Bad keyholing on the 107 Sierra MK. So, I've stayed down at 100 grains for now. When I rebarrel, I'm going with a 7 or 8 twist to see if I can use those lovely, long bullets.
Sadly, I was going back and forth and now I can't remember. I think I went with 9 but it might be 9.5, I'll have to check the order form again. The 85gr TSX is about the same length as typical 105gr bullets and calculators indicate that it should stabilize fine. Here's hoping. Barnes load data indicates that they use a 10 twist for their bullets. When I emailed them to inquire, they were adamant that 10 would stabilize their 85gr bullets. I've always been a fan of light, fast bullets so as long as I can get away with the 80gr TTSX I doubt I'll ever go heavier.

I have noticed that my propensity for light for caliber bullets sometimes creates a bit of a catch-22 when dealing with over-bore cartridges. The slow powders that would normally be optimum for over-bore conditions are too slow to keep up with light bullets but faster powders tend to be too fast to get good case fill. There's usually a few that work but sometimes the options are limited.

Originally Posted by Old Roper
Sound like you had fun putting that rifle together. Well good luck
It has been fun and educational. Hopefully, I'll be out your way with it for an elk hunt one of these years.
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