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How hard was it to refinish the corncob style forearm (working around grooves, etc)?
There are 19 grooves and I am intimately familiar with each one!

After stripping with a harsh chemical stripper and a large brush, it was clear that the inside of the grooves were still caked with grime, lacquer and maybe some old stain.

I tried a tooth brush in the grooves with the stripper but that failed as well.

Finally, I folded some 150 grit sand paper and got into the first groove with the edge of the fold. I had to saw back and forth around the entirety of the groove, being careful not to mess up the edges of the wood. Then I moved onto the next one, and the next, until all 19 were done with a first pass.

Then I made several more complete passes of all 19 grooves with the 150 grit followed by several passes with 400 grit.

Tedious and repetitive, but quite enjoyable and definitely worth the effort.
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