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What Will Terry said - marketing for two different vendors.

As for reliability that stuff is what I buy from Wal-Mart by the shopping cart full (ok not really that much, more like a half a shopping cart full - really!) and my family goes through a LOT of it.

Between my kids, my wife and myself we go through at least 5k rounds every time we take a family trip to the range (once a week). My kids love blasting away at the reactive targets I put out at 25, 50 and 75 yards for them and my wife runs through a ton of them in her 1911 with the .22lr conversion. My kids use a 10/22, an AR with a CMMG .22lr upper, a Rossi break action single shot .22lr and a Ruger Single Six revolver. I like to sit there and try to blow up soda cans at 200 yards (which often ends up using up a lot of ammo because I haven't quite learned how to consistently judge wind with a .22lr yet.)

Aside from that I go to the range twice a week outside of family day. When I'm out there I'll run a bunch through my AR with the .22lr upper and also through the 1911 with the .22lr conversion. I'd estimate that to be another couple thousand rounds.

Anyway I do experience a failure to ignite once in a while - maybe once or twice a week. Frankly one or two failures to ignite in those many guns with that many rounds being fired is pretty darned good for me.
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