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For those who want a top break in . 357 , easy enough. Get your hands on a Navy Arms Schofield chambered in 38 Special. It is not hard to load a 38 SPL. to .357 pressure. Or get one in 45 and load it to 44 Mag pressure. ( Elmer Keith did it ), The Navy Arms guns are made with modern high quality steel. I think it would be very interesting to read the range report. Funny thing about titanium, it is stronger per weight than steel, but it is much more flexible and elastic. That's why they use a steel liners in the Titanium guns. with out liners in the chambers the the brass would stretch so much it couldn't rebound and in effect the brass would weld it self to the cylinders. Same with the barrel, the barrel would flex so much there would be no accuracy. I can imagine how using such metal would work on a latching devise, but hey' I'm not an engineer so who knows Note!!!!! now you know I'm being sarcastic about the 38 Special and 45 Colt, right? I would not recommend anyone to attempt such a thing. Never, ever.
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