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the style itself is most suited for slow bullets, not the super fast lightweight stuff.
I'm not sure I follow your logic; are you saying fast loads are too percussive, and peen the latch/hinge interfaces? I've heard that argument before, and I wondered if simply tensioning the parts with springs or wedges would prevent this. Break-open shotguns and rifles are plenty strong, but it's because they don't really have a hinge like the pistols, just two interlocking machined pieces that "hook" together and bind up when the action is closed. The latch is also held under tension, so the "there has to be a gap, and therefore, peening" issue is solved.

yeah i like to see a top-break in 357 too
Not enough to pay for one though, I'm sure . Even my untrained eyes can tell my little topbreak design would cost over a grand to mass produce (and I don't even know if it would work well ). Granted, it has some other unique features that could make up for the price, but still; totally unmarketable. See my above comment about designing them like double rifles to get an idea of the costs involved. I think a new modern topbreak would have to be made of titanium or scandium alloy simply because it would be very heavy compared to the perfected DA swing-out which has had 100years to trim its fat.

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